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The Green Team's Creative Team

Since its formation in 2023, members of the Green Team’s Creative Team have led a community mural project, have produced the 1st Annual Port Republic Calendar, have recruited artisans and makers for Port’s 1st Annual Earth Day Celebration, and have contributed their graphic talents to Green Team flyers and to our newly-redone website.

We welcome new members from Port and our surrounding area.


The Creative Team’s Mission: Identifying and supporting local creative assets are key components to maintaining a community’s sustainability; benefits and opportunities include widened social opportunities, increased community pride, and stronger stewardship.

The Creative Team formed a sub-committee in May of 2023,

The Creative Community Network Subcommittee.


The mission:

identifying, connecting, and promoting local artists of all kinds In Port Republic and the surrounding communities.


The goals:


  • To connect artisans of all types with others of shared interests and with the community at large;


  • To collect and provide contact information for local artisans who offer lessons or instruction to community members;


  • To identify and promote local artisan businesses;


  • To help preserve, celebrate, and revitalize local historic crafts and culture;


  • To provide opportunities to gather and engage ALL community members in shared experiences.

first mural shot for creative team description_edited.jpeg
second mural shot for creative team description_edited.jpeg
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